2017-2019 Munro Madness

The Scottish Munro’s hold a bit of an iconic status among hill walkers and mountaineers in the UK and across Europe. To have completed a ‘Round of Munros’ is quite an achievement. Many people will spend a few years slowly ‘ticking off’ the mountains over 3000ft (916m) in latitude across Scotland.

There are ‘around’ 282 Munro mountains to bag. The number has dropped a little in recent years to to changes in mapping accuracy and the rules about what makes a Munro.

Over the years visiting Scotland, and now living there, I had climbed many of the Munros. I have no idea how many of them I have climbed and some I have climbs 3 or 4 times.  So now its time to start from scratch and attempt to climb them all! This will be an 18 month to 2 year project fit around my other work and plans.

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What is a Munro?

How hard are Munros to climb?


Munro Madness October 10th 2017 near Ullapool

Munro Madness October 11th 2017 at the Coulgas

Munro Madness October 28th Drumochter east round

Munro Madness October 29th Drumochter west round

Munro Madness November 2nd Strathcarron

Munro Madness November 4th Conival and Ben More Assynt

Munro Madness November 5th Ben Hope

Munro Madness November 5th Ben Klibreck


Munro Madness February 20th Moruisg

Munro Madness March 12th Meall Chuaich

Munro Madness April 19th Seana Bhraigh

Munro Madness April 21st Am Faochagach

Munro Madness April 27th Fannaichs – East

Munro Madness April 29th  Fannaichs – West

Munro Madness May 4th Monadh Liath – Take Two

Munro Madness May 5th Glen Feshie

Munro Madness May 10th Carinwell at Glenshee

Munro Madness May 10th Mount Keen

Munro Madness May 19th Ben Vorlich and Ben Vane

Munro Madness July 22nd Mayar and Dreish

Munro Madness July 23rd Beinn Alligin

Munro Madness July 28th An Teallach

Munro Madness August 4th Beinn Eighe

Munro Madness November 26th Ben Wyvis

Munro Madness December 28th Fionn Bheinn


Munro Madness January 2nd Slioch

Climb Munros in Torridon and North west Highlands with Walking and Wildlife Adventures.