Unique Pod of Sperm Whales NW Highlands

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Whale watching in one of Europe’s best locations Gairloch, Scotland

A pod of Sperm Whales sighted off Gairlcoh, West Ross has been confirmed as previously unrecorded. The Seawatch Foundation have released a news story on this particular “pod”.

A number of whale species can be ‘identified’ through markings on their bodies – hence the whales can be tracked and marked when spotted.It turns out that for these Sperm Whales there are no previous records -ever!

Dr Peter Evans commented:

” It is very exciting to have identifiable images of two individual sperm whales. They are rarely seen off the UK, and when they are seen they are often in waters which are too shallow for them to dive. It is only when they dive that we can photograph the flukes and see the individual markings which allow us to recognise them if they are seen again.”