Patagonian Ice cap traverse

Patagonian Ice cap traverse

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Chapters –

40 Marconi Pass straight ahead

First view of the Andes give inspiration.

Research shows Shipton has done this 1951-52

Planning and building the team

Arrival in country to Tortel

Stage 1 Tortel to the glacier foot

Stage 2 Gaining the ice cap

Stage 3 Crossing the ice cap

Stage 4 Disaster and retreat

Stage 5 Passport problems

46 The team (Cory, John, Martin) with Fizroy in back ground
44 Marconi glacier and Lago Electrica
37 Typical daily conditions
33 Digging out the tent

26 Over the ridge is the ice cap

24 When the snow get in!

23 Organised caos!

22 Dinner time (Cory, John)

17 Small crevases on way up to ice sheet
28 Our best day, sunny and clear


11 Lunch on walk in, glacier in distance.

39 Discovering the Marconi Pass
9 Steep walk in with heavy bags
7 Selection of exped food
4 Icebergs from the Jorge Montt glacier

3 Distant views of the southern ice cap

5 Landing. Portage to come

2 Caleta Tortel town on stilts (roadhead)

1 Intrepid team at Tortel (John, Cory, Martin)

37 Typical daily conditions