Pacific Crest Trail report

Pacific Crest Trail report

In 5 months away in the USA and Canada. Our trip has been amazing if not quite what was planned. We started on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) on the Mexican border with the intention of walking the 2500 miles trail to the Canadian border in around 5 months.

After walking the first section of 700 miles through California in April and May we headed to the High Sierra mountains in June. However the winter of 2016-17 had seen the heaviest snows on record in part of the range and this hadn’t melted by the time we arrived. Then as the summer rolled on the snow melted and dangerous high flowing creeks made the mountains traverse virtually impossible and unfortunately there were a few deaths on the trail this year.

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We diverted from the PCT to the Oregon Coastal Trail and walked about 400 miles on their coastal trail which was beautiful – loads of beaches sandy undeveloped beaches with no people and up to 20 miles in length. Areas of immense sea were mindful of the west Highland coastland.

After this we then did some kayak and canoe trips in Washington and British Columbia.

As par tof the trip we climbed Mount Whitney (highest in lower 48 states), saw lots of Wolves, Grizzly and Black Bear, Moose, Coyote, Sea Otter, Orca, Grey Whales, loads of Osprey, Condors and so much more! Plus world-class scenery in Yosemite, Bryce, Oregon coast, Sierras and Yellowstone were all amazing.

It has been quite a season out there, record snow in the Sierras and huge melt water events that I ended up in.  Now in Oregon, Washington and BC, their largest ever forest fires, as they have had it so dry this summer!


For comparison –

Pennine Way – 267 miles

West highland Way – 96 miles

Hadrian’s Wall Way – 84 miles

Lands End to John O Groats – 874 miles