Munro Madness November 5th Ben Hope

Munro Madness November 5th Ben Hope

Munro – Ben Hope

  • Ascent –  945 m
  • Timings – 2.5 hours
  • Distance – 7.5 km
  • Weather – Cold with wintry showers
  • Munro Total  – Now 16



Set off at first light. Wintry hail showers followed me up the first steps uphill stretch past lots of small waterfalls. Then onto the open moorland where I disturbed three ptarmigan already in 2/3 winter plumage which was good for them as the tops were covered in snow.IMG_3548

After this the walk was a steady plod up the moor and along the edge of the cliffs to the summit with distant views of the Durness and the Atlantic ocean.

It was windy at the summit with spin drift being blown around.


Just down the road is Broch Dun Dornaigil.