Munro Madness November 4th Conival and Ben More Assynt

Munro Madness November 4th Conival and Ben More Assynt

Munros – Conival and Ben More Assynt

  • Ascent –   1265m
  • Timings – 5.25 hours
  • Distance – 17km
  • Weather – Winery showers in the morning progressing to snow and gale force winds on summits by midday. Brr.
  • Munro Total  – Now 15

Lots of deer about.JPGDescription

Start of the day was cold and fine, but as I walked up valley past area of caves tops became covered in clouds. There were lots of deer in the valley from the road up towards the mountains. Across the valley you could hear them braying which sounded like cows in a barn when their calves are taken away. Also I saw many fieldfares and redwings recently arrived from Scandinavia.

Conival summit 2Started heading up valley along deer paths too early but still made steady progress to the bealach below Conival. Flushed a woodcock from the moorland which surprised me as much as it surprised it.

Then a walk up the steep track to the summit which was surrounded by scree and a boulder field with a little bit of snow on the ground. Top was covered in cloud. Wind picked up and was pretty cold.

Ben More Summit.jpgThen down and up again to Ben More Assynt which seemed further than 1 km away. Lots of clambering over small boulder fields to get there. Then the clouds really closed in and it started snowing quite heavily for about 30 minutes. Snow mixed with hail stung my face in the strong winds.

Returned back along the ridge to Conival before descending back down to the main valley and back to the van, which was used as my drying room.