Munro Madness March 12th Meall Chuaich

Munro Madness March 12th Meall Chuaich

Munros –Meall Chuaich

  • Ascent – 800m
  • Timings – 3 hours
  • Distance – 15km
  • Weather – Mild in valley with freezing level around 800m. Very misty on the tops.
  • Munro Total  – Now 19


A very cold day with plenty of snow on the ground. The thaw had set in down in the valley but not on the tops. A short day by Munro standards, most of the walk in was along a good track following the Scottish Water aqueduct.

Either side of track was heather moorland with lots of very showy Red Grouse. Normally these birds would fly off calling “Go back, go back” as soon as you arrived or walk past but at this time of year as they become territorial the birds and staying on the ground and holding their ground. Hence they become good and visible. Lots of white trouser feathers on show.

Walk up the hill was quite gentle but with patches of soft snow to wade through.

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