Munro Madness April 19th Seana Bhraigh

Munro Madness April 19th Seana Bhraigh

Munros – Seana Bhraigh

  • Ascent – 900m
  • Timings – 6 hours
  • Distance – 30km
  • Weather – Clear warm day. Light wind, some showers.
  • Munro Total  – Now 20
  • Description

A long walk in to this remote top, but did take the mountain bike to cycle the first couple of miles of forestry track. This really helped on the ways back!

Walking was fine, plenty of melt water in the burns. Luckily one big snow bridge too. Wonderful sounds of displaying ptarmigan and golden plover.

Lots of remnant snow patches to negotiate, but fortunately no post holing.




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