Cory’s Adventures

Cory’s Adventures.


After recently taking a look at the boxes in the attic and seeing loads of cardboard that the mice have had a go at and I haven’t opened for over ten years I thought it was time for a sort out! It has been a great process simply opening boxes and sorting out important and non important stuff. Many thing s we don’t need and have now been recycled. Other items are now being digitised and will be appearing hear over the next 6-12 months.

The plan over the next year is to put together some of the best trips I have been on or lead and put together some adventures taken for other to enjoy. It may be you are going to revisit a places I went to 20- or 30 years ago so you can compare my old pictures with your and see what has changed.

Early Years – Birdwatching, Basketball and Swimming

1990 -91  At college in the USA

1991 Mt Kenya to Japan

1992 Finland

1993 Morocco and Mt Toubkal

1995 Patagonia and Argentina

1995 Bats in the Philippines

1994 Pakistan Climbing and Nanga Parbat

1996 Mt Kenya again!

1998 Kyrgyzstan Climbing

1999 India Birding

2000 Minali, India

2003 Malawi and Zambia

2003 Malawi and Mt Mulange

2003-2004  Negros Rainforest Conservation Project, Philippines     

2004 Uzbekistan

2004 Guyana

2004 Iran Anzali Wetlands

2004 Dolomites

2005 Corsica GR20

2005 China and Tibet

2005 / 6 Jordan and Waddi Rum

2005-2006 Crossing the Patagonian Ice Cap

2006 Bolivia

2007 Pakistan K2 base camp and Concordia

2008 Namibia

2010 Slovakia

2010-2018 Kenya

2011 Stok Kangri – Ladak

2012 End to End (Lands End to John O Groats)

2013 Uganda Mountains of the Moon

2013 Hebridean Trail

2013 Wainwright Coast to Coast

2014 St Kilda

2014 Shiant Islands

2015-16 Iceland

2016 Drovers Route – Poolewe to Stenhousemuir

2017 Pacific Crest Trail

2017 Oregon Coastal Trail

2017 British Columbia and Powell River

2017 Launched the Adventure Film Festival

2017-18 Munro Madness


Melvaig Loony Dooks

Batty about Bats



Wild Swimming

Sea kayaking adventures