Munro Madness February 20th Moruisg

Munro Madness February 20th Moruisg

Munros – Moruisg

  • Ascent –   800m
  • Timings – 3 hours
  • Distance – 10km
  • Weather – Mild in valley with freezing level around 800m
  • Munro Total  – Now 16


With day length increasing and a thaw on 19th, much of the snow had disappeared for the start of this day. Valley was clam and warm but the wind increased as I climbed. Above 800m the ground was frozen and slippery where patches of water had frozen into wide ice flows.

A few red grouse greeted me at the start of the day followed by good view of red deer. Summit was shrowded in cloud but there was still good visibility.

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