Canoeing trips on Loch Maree

Canoeing trips on Loch Maree with experienced local guides.

Loch Maree – A kayak on Loch Maree and around its islands is a wonderful experience. Relict Caledonian pine forest, potential views of black throated divers, white tailed eagles.

What is Loch Maree like?

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Isle Maol Rubha, Isle Maree, has the remains of a chapel, graveyard, holy well, and holy tree on it, believed to be an 8th century hermitage. Isle Maree also attracted the sick and the insane, who drank from its holy well and plunged into the loch three times in the hope of a cure. The same island also contains ancient stands of oak and holly which have been linked with ancient Scottish druids.

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A major feature of the Loch is the large number of islands which it holds,the larger contain pristine remnants of ancient Caledonian Pinewood. Some of these Scots Pine trees are over 350 years old, and stand on ground which has changed little in the last 8000 years.

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Come and have your passport stamped with us on a canoeing trip on Loch Maree with experienced local guides.

Our guides know the waters well enough to avoid challenging paddling, we are looking for you to relax and enjoy the scenery and beauty of the area. An ideal break for a day from the NC500.

Paddling on Loch Maree is weather dependent.

We regularly spot sea eagles and divers on our canoe trips too.

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Pre-requisites – A sense of adventure

What’s included – Hire of technical equipment such canoes, paddles and buoyancy aids. Experienced paddle guide with excellent wildlife and local information.